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Life has gone digital so it’s high time word of mouth recommendations do, too. WiredMates brings word of mouth online to make it easier, faster, and more fun. It’s a community within which you create your own trusted circle of WiredMates, people you already know and rely on, to have access to their list of recommended services and professionals when you need them. This app lets you create a list of your recommended service providers to help them grow, and does a huge favor to your network so they have a handy list of reliable, trustworthy experts ready when they need it—whoever they may need: a lawyer, a dentist, an electrician, a home contractor, or a childcare provider! For Service Providers: Joining WiredMates grows your referral network by helping happy clients recommend you to not just one person offhandedly, but their entire network simultaneously. Posting helpful information, testimonials, and successful client projects regularly helps you stay top of mind with your network and shows that you know your stuff and are really good at what you do. Your digital business card is always up-to-date despite phone number or role changes and you always have it on hand—there’s no forgetting it or running out. For Consumers: WiredMates saves you so much time and gets you the best without fail. You’ll get that feel-good feeling when your friends thank you for giving them your list so they have it handy the moment they need it and you’ll love not repeating your recommendations all the time. There’s nothing like getting access to your friends’ top recommendations lists so you don’t have to wait to call someone out when you have water dripping through your ceiling.

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